ASTELLO stelt u 3 collecties van zetels en meubels: Classical Outdoor, Art Deco Outdoor & Art Deco Indoor. En op maat zetels, Outdoor & Indoor.

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Thierry Massant (picture) is an art historian, cabinetmaker and antiquarian. Dominique Malcor is a cabinetmaker and member of the French union of antique and fine art experts.

They have been designing and making high-end replicas and originals of classical and Art Deco furniture for over twenty years. They have participated in numerous small- and large-scale interior design projects for hotels, restaurants, embassies and private homes. The quality of their furniture and the satisfaction of their clients have always been their top priority. They have also created a collection of Art Deco furniture for the home and garden, as well as a range of classical garden furniture.

Stoffen • Leder • Verlichting • Behangpapier • Tapijten • Zitkussens • Meubilair • Buitenkant • Wandbekleding • Garnituren • Thuisaccessoires

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